4×4 (AWD)

All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
Built to Withstand the Toughest Environments
GVW 7 ~ 19 [ton]
Isuzu 4X4 Truck
Everywhen used in off-road condition, a 4×4 high traction model is the best choice.
ISUZU AWD models are line-up from 6.0ton general use model to 13.0ton professional use model. It are not just 4×4 drive, of course deff. lock is standard.
Model GVW (t) Wheel Base(mm) Engine/ Displacement/ Emission Power Torque Transmission Axle Capacity Cabin
NPS75 6.0 3395 4HK1-TCN
Euro 2
110(150)/2600 404(41)/1500-2600 MYY5T/5speed Frt: 2800 Rr: 6600 Single
 FTS34 13.0   4250 6HK1-TCN
Euro 2
177(240)/2400 706(72)/1450 MZW6P/6speed Frt: 4700 Rr: 9200  Single


Isuzu NPS 4X4 Truck

NPS has part-time AWD system and limited slip diff, driver can easily convert 4×2 to 4×4 along with his demands just to put a button on board.
4×4 mode ; High traction
4×2 mode ; Low fuel consumptio

Isuzu FTS 4X4 Truck

FTS has full-time AWD system and rear diff. lock, it provides the highest traction and ground clearance. Main usage is military truck.