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Isuzu Motors International FZE is the official, regional distributor across the Middle East, Africa, and South West and Central Asia since April 2017.

Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is now recognized around the world as a global business hub, and we are proud to bring over a century of award-winning expertise to our dynamic market from Dubai.
With our primary aim being to provide universal and quality service to all, we strive to deliver reliable and innovative transport and mobility solutions to our clients for life.

Isuzu Motors International FZE is committed to being every customer’s best choice around the world.


Inception (2011)
Area: Middle East
Specialist Services: Parts, Service Support
and Training


Expansion (2012 – 2016)
Area: Middle East, Parts of Africa
Specialist Services: Parts, Service Support
and Training


Isuzu Motors International FZE (2017 – present)
Area: Middle East and Africa
Specialist Services: Regional Distributor and OEM

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Founded in 1916, Isuzu Motors has the longest history of any Japanese vehicle manufacturer. During our years of operation, we have consistently focused on “creation without compromise” in the process of building Isuzu into the company it is today. And now we are boldly taking up the challenge of global leadership in commercial vehicles and diesel engines while maintaining our traditions.


Commercial vehicles to move things and diesel engines to provide power: these are essential to support people’s lives around the world. By expanding our operations across the globe from Japan, Isuzu products now benefit people in over 100 countries.


Established in Dubai since 2011, specializing in parts, service support, and training, we have grown over time to become the regional distributor and OEM for the Middle East, Africa, and South West and Central Asia for all Isuzu diesel products, parts, and vehicles.


As we continue to strive for the most advanced safety, economic, and environmental performance as well as superb service, we are moving forward in product development, quality, manufacturing systems, and customer support, which are fast becoming the new global standards of excellence.


Our commitment to improvement is uncompromising and we are dedicated to building better tools and stronger partnerships across the globe. We are Isuzu, a company that pursues excellence and works to gain the trust of each and every person around the world.


The ISUZU brand is also getting future-ready with renewed focus on product innovation, engineering excellence and customer support.