Delivers Superior Performance
GVW 7.5 [ton]
Isuzu NEES AMT Truck
Additional maintenance fee and fuel cost coming from unskilled driving are big problem for owner.
Isuzu NEES bring a driver up to professional skilled driver, and it provides clutch maintenance free and perfect gear changing. It will be useful for not only cost saving but also driver work load.
Model GVW (t) Wheel Base(mm) Engine/ Displacement/ Emission Power Torque Transmission Axle Capacity Cabin
NPR75 7.5 3815 4HK1-TCN
Euro 3
110(150)/2600 404(41)/1500-2600 MYY6S/6speed/AMT FRT: 3100 RR: 6600 Single


2 Pedal Driving Isuzu NEES AMT Truck
2 Pedal Driving

Clutch control is one of fatigue for truck driver, however this AMT is free from clutch, driving feeling is like passenger vehicle.

Easy Low Speed Isuzu NEES AMT Truck
Easy Low Speed Operation

AMT has creep phenomena as automatic transmission, driver use low speed advancing and reversion as passenger vehicle.

Manual Gear Change Isuzu NEES AMT Truck
Manual Gear Change

AMT has manual mode. When you need acceleration or bigger engine brake force, you can choice best gear for demands.