We are very pleased to introduce to our variable customer in Saudi Arabia for our premium quality crane truck as one stop shop items.

We collaborate with TADANO who is No. 1 truck crane brand in KSA and started to provide completed crane truck which customer can reduce lead time, less manpower for arrangement with reasonable price & great quality.

It is now ready to be released to our customer in Saudi Arabia and we believe this new product can support our customer.

Isuzu Jumbo Crane

Variety of Safety Features
“HOOK-IN” (Automatic Hook Stow System) is Standard for all cranes with many safety devices.

Premium Quality
Jumbo Crane is quality controlled by Isuzu and Tadano based on the accurate test.

Reliable Service
Isuzu and Tadano authorized distributors will give you reliable after sales service.

Special Price Offer
More lesser price than buying the Crane separately.

The Latest Safety System available on “TM-ZX1505HRS”.

“Safety AML System” calculates and display load weight during unloading.
At full loading, it is possible to carry heavier things further away.

Outriggers asymmetric extension width control
optimum lifting performance at any outrigger width!

Radio Controller With Color LCD Display
The Liquid crystal display constantly shows operating information such as hook load, rated load and moment load ratio.

– NPR85K + TM-ZE293MH
– FSR34N + TM-ZE303MH
– FVR34Q + TM-ZT503H
– FVZ34R + TM-ZT1005H
– CYZ51Q + TM-ZX1505HRS

Isuzu Jumbo Crane

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