In a recent customer video testimonial, the fleet customer of Al Yemni Motors unfolds as they share their journey, emphasizing the pivotal role ISUZU has played in elevating their operational efficiency.


The customer testimonial showcased how Al Yemni Group, one of ISUZU dealerships in KSA has been responsive to the unique needs of the trading and contracting business. From customizable truck configurations to specialized features that cater to the specific demands of the industry, ISUZU has emerged as a partner that understands and addresses the distinct challenges faced by businesses in KSA.


Al Yamama Group, one of the largest companies specializing in contracting and sanitation projects in KSA offers tailored solutions and acquired significant experience over the years. By successfully executing numerous critical projects with major institutions and authorities particularly in the government sector.  They are dedicated in utilizing and integrating the latest and most advanced technological solutions.


Al Yemni Group has established strong and close partnerships with major international companies in the Saudi market by providing them with reliable and dependable Isuzu trucks and ensuring their service through our after-sales service centers spread across the Kingdom. The fleet customer aspires to deliver the highest level of quality and commitment in the projects they undertake aligning with their vision to provide genuine solutions and serve the community optimally to ensure product quality. They have been relying on Isuzu trucks for many years, and they are pleased to have chosen Isuzu as our partner in our journey and success.


Their work depends on efficiently serving different areas and cities in the kingdom and contributing to large projects that help the community. They have confidence in Isuzu for providing top-quality trucks in the market known for their high quality, efficiency, and easy maintenance which greatly support their business.


The Fleet Customer Director emphasized the significance of the partnership with Al Yemni Group in securing their success. The crucial support, marked by exceptional responsiveness and extensive experience, plays a pivotal role. Isuzu’s provision of high-quality trucks has been instrumental in the enduring success of their fleet across various sectors, particularly in cargo transportation. The diverse models of Isuzu trucks, designed to meet specific customer needs, ensure optimal conditions for transported cargo and safe navigation across the country. This alignment with market needs, coupled with a responsive technical support team, underscores the commitment to shared goals. The director affirms Isuzu Trucks as certified, trustworthy partners contributing to mutual success.

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