Isuzu Genuine Parts



Isuzu Genuine Parts

All replacement parts used are genuine Isuzu parts or are made to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

This means they are manufactured to the same high standards as the parts we use on our manufacturing line and are subjected to the same performance, quality and durability tests. Beware of ‘aftermarket parts’ that claim to be genuine Isuzu parts. They are not genuine and do not meet the strict quality and standards specification of Isuzu parts.

We recommend only using genuine Isuzu parts, because the quality of a single component, no matter how small, has an impact on the overall performance of your vehicle. Using non-genuine parts may affect the performance of your engine or your vehicle in general.

Isuzu Genuine Parts Three Point Check

Isuzu Genuine Parts Authenticity Meter

By choosing Isuzu genuine parts, you can rest assured that your Isuzu will perform as smoothly as a new vehicle using the same parts fitted in the factory.

Drive with the confidence knowing that your vehicle has been fitted with the quality parts it deserves and help prolong its lifespan.

“Beware of Fake Parts!”


An article published in a popular Arab newspaper in October 2010 confirmed, “Out of every 6,000 fatalities due to accidents on Saudi roads, half of those are as a result of using FAKE spare automobile parts.”

A counterfeit part is “an unauthorized copy or substitute part that has been identified, marked, and/or altered by a source other that the part’s legally authorized source and has been misrepresented to be from a legally authorized source.”

Figure 1 Comparative illustration: Genuine vs Counterfeit parts

Isuzu Counterfeit Parts

Figure 2

Isuzu Counterfeit Parts

* On Pressure test results indicate earlier deterioration manifested from fake parts that may result in engine failure. The genuine parts, however, withstand pressure beyond the specified recommended maintenance interval.

Counterfeit parts are becoming more sophisticated and harder to distinguish by mere packaging and appearances. Price is often an indicator – if it is clearly cheaper than an authorized dealer, there is a high probability that it is fake. You should also check if the supplier is listed on the manufacturer’s website as an authorized dealer.

* Vehicle’s warranty is voided by using counterfeit parts.


Isuzu Best Value Parts

This is our way of giving you economical choices when servicing your car. These factory-approved Isuzu parts are the best choice for owners who enjoy taking care of their vehicle by servicing regularly in a more cost efficient way. Just like our vehicles, Isuzu Best Value Parts are manufactured to ensure the highest quality standards and minimum downtime, giving you peace of mind and additional value for money.


The Isuzu Best Value Parts range provides a cost-effective alternative to owners of older model Isuzu trucks who aren’t prepared to compromise on safety and reliability, with a comprehensive range of high quality truck service parts at very competitive prices.


1. Quality, performance, and durability of Best Value Parts satisfies Isuzu’s strict quality standards.

2. Best Value Parts items are covered under your Isuzu warranty if they are clearly defective due to imperfect materials or workmanship.

3. Best Value Parts do not invalidate your vehicle’s warranty and can be fitted within the warranty period.

4. Best Value Parts are manufactured in trustable factories certified by Isuzu.


Best Value Parts are the best choice for:

A. Users who prefer to buy more cost effective, Isuzu approved parts.

B. Users looking to reduce the maintenance cost of their vehicle.

C. Users who are worried about using non genuine parts.

Isuzu Best Value Parts


Isuzu genuine oil BESCO 15W-40 is developed with high precision to specifically meet Isuzu engine requirements for superior engine performance. This super high-performance diesel engine oil is suitable for use in modern low emission, turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel engines. The product is blended from selected high-refined base stocks and advanced additives to provide utmost engine protection and extended oil drain intervals. Suitable for engines conforming to Euro 3 and Euro 2 emission norms and also meets the stringent requirement of other major global engine manufacturers. Highly recommended for Isuzu vehicles.

Isuzu Genuine Oil

◆ PACK SIZE – 5L, 20L, 208L

Isuzu Genuine Oil Properties
Note: The Typical Properties may be changed without notice.