In an endeavor  towards continuously providing the best Customer Experience for its commercial vehicles, Isuzu Motors International FZE  in collaboration with Al-Jomiah and Shell Lubricating Oil Company Limited, Saudi Arabia (JOSLOC) successfully completed the 1st Edition of its KSA Mega Service Campaign with Uniform Pricing across KSA Dealers.

The promotion , which offers ISUZU Customers Free vehicle inspection along with hefty discounts, cements ISUZU legacy as the commercial manufacturer of choice for drivers who accept no downtime and demand maximum highway time. Furthermore, it revitalizes ISUZU reputation as the only provider of specialized and high-quality service for its vehicles in the Kingdom using original Spare Parts designed to handle the rigors of the Saudi climate.

In our 1st edition of KSA Mega Campaign, we have serviced 9,000 plus vehicles which is an exceptional result.

Through this initiative, we hope to keep up with evolving demands and cater to the ever-changing needs of our customers while maintaining high quality service.

Isuzu Motors International FZE will continue to provide contemporary customer experience across its Channel Partners and create more opportunities to service customers

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